1 - Setup Game Title on PlayFab

The first step to make our game run on PlayFab is to create/configure a Game Title on their system. A Title will contain all information related to our game, like metrics and settings, but will also enable us to setup the Builds and Virtual Machines needed to run the headless game servers.

The creation of a new Game Title is super simple, just follow the steps bellow:

  1. Go to PlayFab Developer portal: https://developer.playfab.com/en-US/login. Login or create a new PlayFab account;
  2. Inside the system main dashboard, use the 3-dot menu to create a New Title;
  3. Configure your title with any arbitrary information, like name, genre, and so on;
  4. After you finish the Title creation, you will be redirected to the Game Title dashboard.

PlayFab Login Page
[1] PlayFab Login Page

Create new Game Title
[2] Create new Game Title

Configure Game Title
[3] Configure Game Title

Game Title Dashboard
[4] Game Title Dashboard

Now you have an active Game Title that can be used in the next steps. We will go back to this dashboard in a moment, but first we need to integrate our game server with the PlayFab SDK.

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