Difference between Bolt Builds

Bolt comes in two different builds, DEBUG and RELEASE. This text briefly explains the purpose and use for each.

What builds are available?


This should be used when developing your game, it is a lot slower than the RELEASE build because it has checks and asserts for almost every piece of code in Bolt, which will give you errors and warnings when something is done incorrectly.

  • The 'Console' and 'Debug Info' features are visible in 'DEBUG'


This should be used when doing final testing of your game before release, and to make sure performance is good enough. Almost all errors and warnings are disabled except for the critical ones which causes Bolt to shut down. All checks and asserts are disabled in 'RELEASE' builds.

  • The 'Console' and 'Debug Info' features are not visible in 'RELEASE'.
  • The 'RELEASE' build is between 2x - 10x faster than the 'DEBUG' build because all safety checks are disabled, the exact performance difference depends on your game.

The release build is available as sub-package in the Asset Store package. You need to find bolt_release.unitypackage and import that into your project.

How do I check which build I'm using?

At the bottom of the 'Bolt Assets' window you will see either something like: (DEBUG) or (RELEASE). The part refers to the current version of Bolt and will most likely say something else for you.

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