Upgrading Bolt

This is the step-by-step process of upgrading Bolt, always make sure to backup your project before upgrading.

  1. Import the new package into your project (Importing the bolt.user.dll and project.bytes will overwrite your Bolt assets and settings. You may also want to uncheck the sample folder if you don't want the samples in your project.)
  2. Close Unity
  3. Start Unity
  4. Run "Assets/Bolt/Install"
  5. Run "Assets/Bolt/Compile Assembly"

Switching between Debug and Release builds

The processes described above also apply when you want to switch from DEBUG to RELEASE builds or vice versa.


If you encounter an issue when importing the version of Bolt you want, check the GUID of the Bolt.dll.meta file in each project. If they do not match you will lose all Bolt references.

Migrating Bolt Settings and Assets

Bolt saves all of its settings, states, commands, events, etc. in the Assets/bolt/project.bytes file.

To migrate to a new project, simply copy this file to the same location in the new project. This is also useful if you need to share Bolt data with other team members.

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