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Fusion Dragonhunters VR


A Fusion VR sample project combining two of the best things in gaming; VR and Dragons!

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Version Release Date Download
0.11.0 Nov 03, 2021 Fusion Dragonhunters VR 0.11.0 Build 4 Release Notes

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  • OpenXR support
  • Bow and arrow gameplay
  • Score keeping
  • Predictive Spawning for Arrows
  • Arrows sticking in environment and enemies
  • Dragons

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Release Notes

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Build 4 (Nov 03, 2021)

  • Updated fusion to version 0.9.0#331
    update: Added interpolation for predicted spawn
    update: Added SceneObjectProvider to custom Network start
  • Updated fusion to version 0.7.0#296
  • Updated fusion to version 0.7.0#292
  • Updated fusion to 0.7.0#286
    feat: added starting scene to streamline standalone headset launch ( eg oculus quest)
  • Updated fusion to version 0.7.0#283

What's New

  • Added observer camera before any rig is spawned
  • Override DebugStart to use Pool on Runner Object


  • Naming convention
  • Copied latest Network Pool from Tank sample
  • Refactored arrows to work with raycast and predicted spawn

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Set arrow interpolation to auto for correct predicted spawn interpolation
  • Fixed: Teleport
  • Fixed: Smooth render of bow at local hand position
  • Fixed: Renamed m_ActiveHighlight to CurrentlyGrabbedHighlight for more clarity
  • Fixed: Score number using rpc so its triggered also when predicted spawn arrow hits targets
  • Fixed: Hand prediction
    feat: added bow spawner

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