PUN Classic (also called PUN1) is the original and first major version of PUN. It is now replaced by PUN2 which is refactored and enhanced. We highly recommend starting new projects with PUN2 and if possible migrating existing ones from PUN1 to PUN2 by following our "Migration Notes". PUN Classic will be maintained for the coming months. We will fix important bugs and support new Unity versions but new features will be added only to PUN2.

3rd Party Tutorials

Aside from our own tutorials, there is a lot more to read about networking and multiplayer game development. Below is a short list of third party articles and tutorials that might be of interest.

About Making Multiplayer Games

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Packages And Game Kits

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Unity Tutorials

  • Tutorials section on Unity website, currently there are beginner's tutorials only, but more are coming.
  • Collection of video lessons for beginner and intermediate Unity developers, includes challenges and examples.
  • Another collection of various Unity tutorials from Unity Cookie.

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Networking Technology

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