PUN Classic (also called PUN1) is the original and first major version of PUN. It is now replaced by PUN2 which is refactored and enhanced. We highly recommend starting new projects with PUN2 and if possible migrating existing ones from PUN1 to PUN2 by following our "Migration Notes". PUN Classic will be maintained for the coming months. We will fix important bugs and support new Unity versions but new features will be added only to PUN2.

Photon Lag Simulation Gui

PUN includes a simple GUI component to control the built-in network and lag simulation of the Photon client. Provided your network conditions are relatively good, you can add lag and loss to try out how well your game mechanics work in worse conditions.


Add the component PhotonNetSimSettingsGui to an enabled GameObject in your scene. At runtime, the top left of the screen shows the current roundtrip time (RTT) and the controls for network simulation:

  • RTT: The roundtrip time is the average of milliseconds until a message was acknowledged by the server. The variance value (behind the +/-) shows how stable the rtt is (a lower value being better).
  • "Sim" toggle: Enables and disables the simulation. A sudden, big change of network conditions might result in disconnects.
  • "Lag" slider: Adds a fixed delay to all outgoing and incoming messages. In milliseconds.
  • "Jit" slider: Adds a random delay of "up to X milliseconds" per message.
  • "Loss" slider: Drops the set percentage of messages. You can expect less than 2% drop in the internet today.

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