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Photon SDK 3.4.30

  • Photon SocketServer SDK: v.
  • Released: 2015-06-09
  • Photon Native Core v.

Change Log

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Photon Dashboard


  • PSCS-2188: show license quantity

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  • PSCS-2051: out of memory-exception due to 32bit build on Win64 platforms. Switched back to "any cpu" builds (x86/x64), which were disabled for PSCS-1031. Could not reproduce any performance difference in license handling, so the "optimization" could be reverted.
  • PSCS-2295: remove unsafe * URLs for public IP lookup

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Photon: ServerSDK


  • PSCS-2295: removed unsafe * from ip address lookup

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Photon: Native Core


  • PSCS-1988: access to IntelliLock hardwareid.
  • PSCS-2195: support for license type and plan. We auto detect free and trial & we skip version check for free, trial and monthly.
  • PSCS-2138: Support for chunked HTTP

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  • PSCS-1626: We now track connection closures and tell the peer if requests are now no longer valid (due to the connection on which the request was issued being closed). Need to find a way to test this.
  • PSCS-1914: Fixed up some debug.
  • PSCS-1959: HTTP server can now be configured using url OR address/port. Note that when using URL we do NOT currently validate that the addresses used are licensed.
  • PSCS-1959: Validate IPv4 addresses from URLS. We currently ignore any IPv6 addresses and don't validate them (the rest of Photon is IPv4 only). Note that this will NOT stop HTTP.SYS from listening on any IPv6 addresses in the url...
  • PSCS-1959: Prevent IPAddress and Port being specified in config if url is also specified.
  • PSCS-1959: Correct the test to prevent IPAddress and Port being specified in config if url is also specified.
  • PSCS-1960: MUX peers now get the current MUX link's flow control status set on creation.
  • PSCS-1997: Added UDP flow control.
  • PSCS-2021: do not report invalid handle errors during http shutdown.
  • PSCS-2061: Fixed leak.
  • PSCS-2061: Fixed counter issue.
  • PSCS-2070: Always increment pending write counter BEFORE issuing the write call.
  • PSCS-2091: Integrated latest fixes, only one code fix in ShutdownHandler.cpp.
  • PSCS-2137: Needs testing with init messages larger than buffer size.
  • PSCS-2138: timeouts and disconnection complete.
  • PSCS-2150: Added new perf counters
  • PSCS-2133: Added per socket locking around all WSASend/WSARecv calls - see
  • PSCS-2134: Changes so that we send an ACK to repeated Connect commands.
  • PSCS-2140: Fixed unit test breaks.
  • PSCS-2141: Fixed compatibility issue with Win 8.1. SDK.
  • PSCS-2222: exception in dtor caused by incorrect shutdown order
    • PSCS-2243: Check that peer still exists before sending duplicate ACK...
  • PSCS-2253: actually filter the "No service is operation at the destination network endpoint" messages.
  • PSCS-2264: Check to see if new value can be appended to previous interval
  • PSCS-2272: Move inactivity timeout's "last activity" update to when we process a request rather than when we queue it for processing to detect stalls in the inbound request flow due to missing sequence numbers.
  • PSCS-2272: Include details of stalled request queues (if appropriate) when disconnecting peers due to inactivity timeouts.
  • PSCS-2276: Fix sequence tracker
  • PSCS-2294: Ignore duplicate connect that occurs after connect has completed.

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  • PSCS-2137: rHTTP message buffer
  • PSCS-2187: Made the RTT history display easier to read. Added the new retransmit calc rules.
  • PSCS-1937: Update of underlying framework and tools lib to 6.6.2
  • PSCS-2135: Update of underlying framework and tools lib to 6.6.3
  • PSCS-2187: default is now both new settings for retransmission turned off => "NO Maximum retransmit timeout" & "NO RTT ACK adjustment timeout".
  • PSCS-2151: Renamed the reliable HTTP code.
  • PSCS-2152: Renamed the config nodes used in the xml file. == and == (likewise the nested "Listener" nodes)
  • PSCS-2155: Updated IDL to change HTTP listener and peer enums
  • PSCS-2157: Rhttps: several fixes and code changes
  • PSCS-1037: removed unused WindowsPerfCounter class for PhotonHostRuntime
  • PSCS-2066: Added socket ref tracking
  • PSCS-2066: Some tinkering to remove redundant (and confusing) stuff from ENetPeerBase which had been refactored into PeerBase but never completely removed from EnetPeerBase... Added virtual dtor to IConnection.
  • PSCS-2248: Don't log UDP 'no service at peer' errors. Added error handlers to outbound connection managers.
  • PSCS-2254: Adjusted debug tracing for http peers.
  • PSCS-2254: Classify ERRORINCORRECTFUNCTION in the same way as we handle connection closure. Do not process the request. Do not abort the peer. We expect the client to send this req-seq again.
  • PSCS-2252: Add a 'DisconnectFromApp' call which may remove the race condition which sometimes causes peer leaks...
  • PSCS-2233: Potential fix for the current issue BUT needs to be looked at again to fix the root cause.

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