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Photon 3.0 - RC3

  • SDK: 3.0.6 rev. 2188
  • Released: 2011-09-02
  • Photon Native Core: v. (same as RC2)

Photon Native Core V.


  • PSCS-39: Added performance counters to TCP flow control
  • PSCS-88: Added Websockets support for hybi-08
  • PSCS-117: Added SSL support for Websockets
  • PSCS-145: WebSockets listeners now support messages larger than buffer size.
  • PSCS-135: Introduced new TCP-header and RTS-header length to support bigger packets

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  • PSCS-225: We now disconnect clients exceeding max message size
  • PSCS-29: Renamed "flow control disconnect" counters

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  • PSCS-143: Fixed Exception CNamedIndex::FindOrAdd() - on Photon start
  • PSCS-148: Fixed Photon not starting if all NIC's where offline

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  • PSCS-35: Fixed CTCPPeer::HandleIncomingCommands() - Invalid message format while running multiPeer" tests (Photon rev. 698)

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  • PSCS-166: Fixed - Shutdown hangs with idle policy connection.

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SDK 3.0.6 Rev. 2188

  • Fixed RC2 build issue which packed an outdated LoadBalancing Application

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