Version History

v2.12 (November 26th, 2019)
   PUN2: v2.16 (ad87bf1e)
   PhotonVoiceApi: revision 5282
   FIXED: DivideByZeroException due to AudioClip.channels becoming zero in Unity.
   FIXED: voice not working when rejoining or switching rooms in voice clients.
   ADDED: extra safety checks and error logs when voice channels number is zero from sender or receiver end to avoid exceptions.
   CHANGED: Speaker component initializtion, setup and linking refactored for easier debugging.
   CHANGED: Recorder will not set RequiresRestart to true when 'overriding' default Unity microphone device string.
   ADDED: Unity Microphone helpers methods to Recorder.
   ADDED: new WebRtcAudioDspEditor warnings if component is disabled or Recorder does not use Microphone type.
   CHANGED: minor, Recorder caching moved to Awake from OnEnable.
   CHANGED: WebRtcAudioDsp now supports inactive AudioListener detection and can switch AudioListener used.
   FIXED: minor, channels number for AudioSpeakerMode.Prologic in WebRtcAudioDsp.
   FIXED: Type Short conversion check delayed in WebRtcAudioDsp.

v2.11 (October 11th, 2019)
   PUN2: v2.15 (11b52d6)
   PhotonVoiceApi: revision 5209
   FIXED: changes made to some voice components were not persisted on scene save due to custom editors.
   FIXED: ConnectAndJoin utility script's custom editor errors by removing leftover serialized property.
   CHANGED: [Better, easier Recorder initialization] Recorder.Init(VoiceClient, object) obsolete replaced with Recorder.Init(VoiceConnection).
   ADDED: [Better, easier Recorder initialization] VoiceConnection.InitRecorder(Recorder) method. 
   CHANGED: [Better, easier Recorder initialization] VoiceConnection.PrimaryRecorder is now automatically (internally/implicitly) initialized.
   CHANGED: Recorder.DebugEchoMode disabled when InterestGroup set to a value != 0.
   CHANGED: Recorder.AutoStart hidden in custom editor when Recorder is already initialized.
   CHANGED: always add PrimaryRecorder in ConnectAndJoin utility script if none found no matter the value of AutoTransmit.
   CHANGED: [Revised custom editor of WebRtcAudioDsp] better placement of warnings.
   CHANGED: [Revised custom editor of WebRtcAudioDsp] enabling "Bypass" hides other options & warnings.
   ADDED: info help box to custom editor about speaker prefab requiring Speaker component.

v2.10 (September 25th, 2019)
   PUN2: v2.15 (11b52d6)
   PhotonVoiceApi: revision 5209
   CHANGED: ConnectAndJoin utility script won't override AppVersion.
   CHANGED: VAD calibration now requires transmission to be enabled to work.
   FIXED: Usage of custom Settings with PUN integration.
   FIXED: MissingReferenceException when trying to destroy a Speaker that's already destroyed.
   ADDED: PhotonVoiceView now has a public Init method that you may call to force setup and initialization in case this did not happen automatically which is unexpected.
   FIXED: PhotonVoiceView setup and Recorder initialization with PUN integration that uses manual prefab instantiation by delaying first Init to Start from OnEnable.
   ADDED: New manual instantiation option in CharacterInstantiation utility script which can be tested in DemoVoicePun-Scene.
   FIXED: minor Android build issues when android:allowBackup and some other attributes or properties are used in the application's AndroidManifest.xml.
   ADDED: Option to dispatch incoming messages, even if Time.timeScale = 0: PhotonVoiceNetwork.MinimalTimeScaleToDispatchInFixedUpdate. It defaults to not being used. This idea is borrowed from PUN. See PhotonNetwork.MinimalTimeScaleToDispatchInFixedUpdate. Audio playback still does not work when Time.timeScale is 0.

v2.9 (August 16th, 2019)
   PUN2: v2.14 (7cb46fd)
   PhotonVoiceApi: revision 5193
   CHANGED: minimal Unity version from 5.6.6f2 to 2017.4.7f1
   ADDED: DemoProximityVoiceChat
   ADDED: MicAmplifier UtilityScript
   CHANGED: check for minimal connection settings before connecting
   CHANGED: WebRTC DSP AECMobileComfortNoise param exposed
   FIXED: support for 2019.2 (AudioSpeakerMode.Raw deprecated)

v2.8 (June 25th, 2019)
   PUN2: v2.13 (26fd056)
   PhotonVoiceApi: revision 5153
   CHANGED: PhotonVoiceNetwork.usePunAppSettings added to replace VoiceConnection.usePunSettings removed in previous version.
   FIXED: Recorder VAD properties.
   CHANGED: Photon mic. enum is now refreshed automatically on system changes.
   CHANGED: Recorder.SampleTypeConv obsolete, logic is now implicit.
   FIXED: Setting audio session category for iOS to Photon.Voice.IOS.AudioSessionCategory.MultiRoute.
   ADDED: "Leave a Review" menu shortcut.
   CHANGED: Recorder.VoiceDetectionThreshold is now a slider in the custom editor and not a float field.

v2.7 (May 17th, 2019)
   PUN2: v2.12 (8ea5f65)
   PhotonVoiceApi: revision 5102
   CHANGED: Recorder.PhotonVoiceCreatedParams obsolete.
   CHANGED: asmdef: PhotonUnityNetworking no longer referenced from PhotonVoice.
   CHANGED: asmdef: PhotonUnityNetworking no longer referenced from PhotonVoice.Editor.
   ADDED: asmdef: PhotonVoice.PUN and PhotonVoice.PUN.Editor. 
   CHANGED: VoiceConnection.usePunSettings and related custom editor code removed: use VoiceConnection.ConnectUsingSettings(settings) to pass PUN settings if needed.
   ADDED: PhotonVoiceEditorUtils and Editor shortcuts to remove PUN or Photon Chat. 
   CHANGED: iOS's audio initialization session parameters exposed in Editor and can be set using Recoder.SetIosAudioSessionParameters methods.
   CHANGED: changelog.txt renamed to changes-voice.txt.

v2.6.1 (April 30th, 2019)
   PUN2: v2.10 (c4cec86)
   PhotonVoiceApi: revision 5005
   FIXED: asmdef issue in VoiceConnection's custom Editor Script.

v2.6 (April 26th, 2019)
   PUN2: v2.10 (c4cec86)
   PhotonVoiceApi: revision 5005
   CHANGED: Recorder.ReInit renamed to Recorder.RestartRecording.
   CHANGED: Recorder.RequiresInit renamed to Recorder.RequiresRestart.
   CHANGED: IsInitialized is now only checking if Recorder.voiceClient is not null, other logic moved to Recorder.IsRecording.
   CHANGED: Recorder.RequiresRestart is always false when Recorder.IsRecording is false.
   CHANGED: Recorder.StartRecording and Recorder.StopRecording methods added.
   CHANGED: Recorder.AutoStart property added and exposed in custom editor.
   FIXED: Recorder.TypeConvert changes applied properly when recording is restarted.
   CHANGED: Recorder.Init should not be used to restart recording, use Recoder.RestartRecording instead.
   CHANGED: extra checks added for WebRtcAudioDsp (only Microphone supported, once disabled won't be reused)
   CHANGED: shortcut to PhotonServerSettings added to VoiceConnection custom editor
   CHANGED: warning removed from PhotonVoiceNetwork after using the newly renamed PascalCase ClientState values
   CHANGED: showing Photon peer traffic stats from VoiceConnection and PhotonVoiceNetwork editors
   CHANGED: shortcuts to documentation pages added from main Voice components (help icon)

v2.5.1 (April 3rd, 2019)
   PUN2: v2.9 (2211f0c)
   PhotonVoiceApi: revision 5005
   FIXED: ArgumentException on Speaker end by not starting stream when channels are 0 from Recorder end

v2.5 (March 11th, 2019)
   PUN2: v2.7 (1fa6aff)
   PhotonVoiceApi: revision 5005
   CHANGED: Recorder.IsRecording property added to stop and restart 'recording' after initialization.
   CHANGED: Recorder.ReactOnSystemChanges property added to reinit due to changes in system audio devices. Default is false for backward compatibility.
   FIXED: UI in DemoVoice scene, left sidebar should contain all info and gets updated if you change values in Editor.
   FIXED: WebRtcAudioDsp: proper mapping of AudioSettings.speakerMode to channels number.
   CHANGED: WebRtcAudioDsp: minor refactoring.
   FIXED: PhotonVoiceStatsGui, PhotonVoiceLagSimulationGui: return after auto disable components when no VoiceConnection is not found.
   FIXED: PhotonVoiceLagSimulationGui: VoiceClient.DebugLostPercent applied only when simulation is enabled.
   FIXED: VoiceConnection: Frames stats reset if not receiving any.
   FIXED: Recorder custom inspector: "Level" is shown only when recording and set to 0 when not transmitting.

v2.4.1 (February 15th, 2019)
   PUN2: v2.7 (1fa6aff)
   PhotonVoiceApi: revision 5005
       CHANGED: iOS native plugin initialization moved to separate thread to avoid 0.5 - 1 sec. pauses in main thread execution
   FIXED: issue that was breaking asset import
   NOTE: Unity 5.6.6f2 is now the minimum supported Unity version

v2.4 (February 15th, 2019)
   PUN2: v2.7 (1fa6aff)
   PhotonVoiceApi: revision 4981
   ADDED: Android 64-bit libraries (Unity 2017.4+)
   ADDED: PhotonVoiceStatsGui Utility Script
   ADDED: more debug info to VoiceConnection (and PhotonVoiceNetwork) custom Editor
   CHANGED: Recorder.AudioGroup obsolete, use Recorder.InterestGroup instead
   CHANGED: VoiceConnection.Client is now LoadBalancingTransport after renaming LoadBalancingFrontend
   FIXED: AEC Mobile couldn't be enabled in WebRtcAudioDsp
   CHANGED: allow PhotonVoiceNetwork to join a room with a custom name when AutoConnectAndJoin is disabled
   CHANGED: DemoVoiceUI scene now has UI properly initialized with correct values
   CHANGED: PhotonVoiceLagSimulationGui refactored to not clash with PhotonLagSimulationGui

v2.3 (January 25th, 2019)
    PUN2: v2.6 (578494a)
    PhotonVoiceApi: revision 4948
    FIXED: Speaker linking issues (debug echo toggling, disconnect & reconnect)

v2.2 (December 20th, 2018)
    PUN2: v2.6v (eeaa6a7)
    PhotonVoiceApi: revision 4948
    FIXED: self-hosted Photon Server support (Photon Voice client UserId if no set, will use the same UserId as PUN if available or a new GUID)
    ADDED: Nintendo Switch support (requires separate add-on)
    FIXED: 'late Speaker linking' (if a remote voice info event is received before PUN prefab instantiation, could happen during scene switching) 
    FIXED: AudioSource.spatialBlend is set to 1.0f only when Speaker/AudioSource are created automatically by PhotonVoiceView
    FIXED: log level filtering
    FIXED: VAD threshold calibration persists between Recorder sessions
    FIXED: PS4 integration after update to PhotonVoice2 (still require separate add-on)

v2.1.3 (December 7th, 2018)
    PUN2: v2.5 (4d59ede)
    PhotonVoiceApi: revision 4915
    FIXED: disconnects during delays due to scene loading
    FIXED: iOS crash due to native plugin files versions mismatch
    CHANGED: iOS audio output forced to speaker by default when using Photon microphone type

v2.1.2 (December 3rd, 2018)
    PUN2: v2.5 (4d59ede)
    PhotonVoiceApi: revision 4876
    FIXED: issue due to using Mic. name/Id from Editor in builds
    CHANGED: renamed Recorder.PhotonVoiceCreatedParams.AudioSource to Recorder.PhotonVoiceCreatedParams.AudioDesc 
    CHANGED: renamed VoiceAudioPreprocessor to WebRtcAudioDsp

v2.1.1 (November 21st, 2018)
    PUN2: v2.5 (4d59ede)
    PhotonVoiceApi: revision 4876 
    FIXED: Unity Editor freezing when using PUN 2 integration

v2.1 (November 8th, 2018)
    PUN2: v2.4.1v (14cb68f)
    PhotonVoiceApi: revision 4876 
    FIXED: PhotonVoiceNetwork fields can now be updated from the Unity Editor
    ADDED: Assembly Definitions for Photon Voice 2
    ADDED: Photon Chat as it was forgotten in initial release
    FIXED: Photon Voice 2 can connect to self-hosted Photon Server after setting SerializtionProtocol version to 1.6 in this case
    FIXED: NullRefException when trying to access Recorder.Logger before Recorder.Awake is called
    FIXED: PhotonVoiceView's Recorder setup when the ViewID changes if the Recorder is not part of the prefab
    FIXED: Errors or crashes when trying to setup local voice due to exceptions
    CHANGED: Recorder falls back to Unity microphone if Photon microphone setup encounter an error

v2.0 (October 10th, 2018)
    PUN2: v2.2.1 (3cd5540)
    PhotonVoiceApi: revision 4823
    Initial release of the new major Photon Voice version 2.
    Work-in-progress documentation:
    PhotonVoice reference API:

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