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Voice Chat


Fusion is fully compatible with Photon Voice and they can be used in conjunction with each other to create realtime experiences in which players require means communication to coordinate or exchange information in-game.

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What Is Voice

Photon Voice is an SDK which makes it a breeze to add realtime voice communication to any realtime multiplayer and multi-user simulation. Photon Voice supports all platforms (including VR/AR/MR) with the exception of WebGL.

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Voice AppId

As Photon Voice runs completely separately from the Fusion infrastructure, it requires a separate AppId which runs the Photon Voice plugin. To create a Voice AppId, go to the PhotonEngine Dashboard. Then paste the newly generated AppId into the App Id Voice field in Real Time Settings.

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Getting Started

A complete introduction to Photon Voice can be found HERE.

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Integration With Fusion

The guide on how to integrate Photon Voice with Fusion can be found on the Voice for Fusion page

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Demos & Sample

Small demos which showcase how to create a simple integrations between Fusion and Voice can be found on the Voice For Fusion Samples page.

There are several complete game samples which present a more in depth integration:

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