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Advanced KCC Sample


To help explore and understand the functionalities offered by the Fusion Advanced KCC, this sample project includes:

  • Basic project template.
  • Fully documented code with explanations.
  • Prepared data structures for your extensions.
  • First person and third person view controllers.
  • Simple and advanced implementation variants of player controller.
  • Playground for testing various features (stairs, slopes, collider combinations, processors, ...).
  • Scene for performance testing.
  • Simple NPC controller examples.
  • KCC processor examples.

All resources and code found in the Example folder is expected to be changed by you.

IMPORTANT: Forward compatibility will not be maintained.

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Version Release Date Download
1.1.16 Sep 08, 2023 Fusion KCC Sample 1.1.16 Build 265

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How To Start And What To Check?

  1. Test playground scene
  2. Check Gameplay script for player prefab spawning (optional)
  3. Check SimplePlayer and Player scripts for player controller basics
  4. Check PlayerInput script to understand how input is handled
  5. Check FirstPersonPlayer and AdvancedPlayer scripts
  6. Check ThirdPersonPlayer script (most complex player controller implementation)
  7. Check NPC scripts (optional)
  8. Check KCC processors scripts (Assets/Example/Scripts/KCC/Processors)
  9. Check partial KCC implementations (Assets/Example/Scripts/KCC)
  10. Start prototyping your game
  11. Give us your feedback

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  • Mouse move: look
  • W,A,S,D: movement
  • Space: jump
  • Shift: sprint
  • Enter: lock/unlock cursor
  • Left Mouse Button: unused (prepared in input structure)
  • Right Mouse Button: unused (prepared in input structure)

Gameplay input is applied only with locked cursor.

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Mobile Controls

  • Left side virtual joystick: move
  • Right side virtual joystick: look
  • Double tap: jump

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Example/Misc/MobileOptimizations.unitypackage contains simple materials and stripped level (some mesh colliders are too heavy for mobile).

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