This document is about: QUANTUM 2

Gameplay And Testing

Available in the Gaming Circle and Industries Circle

How to test gameplay and cars

To test gameplay scenes and cars:

  1. Open the City scene;
  2. Select the Races gameobject;
  3. In the MapSelector component select the gameplay you want to test; and,
  4. Tweak the players' setup in QuantuRunnerLocalDebug component:
    1. Check Players property to change what car will be player controlled or let the AI drive the car (PlayerType = AI) with a selected AI config;
    2. Set the PlayerCount property (total number of players in the gameplay) and AIPlayerCount (how many from the total player numbers will be AI players); and,
    3. It is possible to change what cars will be AI driven and what AI configs will be used in the AIPlayers array property.

How to add a new car

To create a new car and add it to the game:

  1. Create a prefab variant from the CarBase prefab;
  2. Add car graphics;
  3. Move the prepared WheelHub GameObjects to appropriate positions;
  4. Move the wheel objects under appropriate wheel hubs;
  5. Assign the wheels in the WheelRotation component;
  6. Assign the car body in the CarTilt component; and,
  7. Tweak component values if needed (physics colliders, car axles, forces,...).

How to add new race track

To create a new race track and add it to the game;

  1. Duplicate an existing gameplay under Gameplays root object;
  2. Duplicate the MapData asset and assign it in the MapData component of the gameplay object;
  3. Change barricades and pickups according to the new track;
  4. Change the start position and checkpoints accordingly to new track and assign them in the Gameplay component (on Gameplay gameobject);
  5. Add driving paths (see Driving Path Editor section) under the Gameplay gameobject;
  6. Select this new track in MapSelector (on the Races gameobject) and save the scene (triggering the bake process); and,
  7. Playtest.
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