This document is about: QUANTUM 2

Gameplay and Testing

Available in the Gaming Circle and Industries Circle

Gameplay and Testing

For local testing purposes, run the GameScene in the editor. During local testing, it is possible to change between players by pressing 1 and 2 on the numeric keyboard/numpad.

For online multiplayer, start the game from StartScene or MainScene.

Scene Management

The Tower Rush sample contains a simple scene management system responsible for changing Unity scenes and showing the Loading Screen. A couple of example scenes included are the MainScene, IntroScene, LoadingScene and GameScene.

Game Options

Game Options is a code utility used for loading and saving of user options like sounds and music volume.

Cheat Manager

The Cheat Manager is a simple editor window with overrides for different gameplay features. For instace, it contains overrides for the player's card deck so you can specify cards to be tested easily at specific levels.

It is also possible to create and manage different profiles.

Quantum Services

The Quantum Services are used for handling the connection to the Photon servers and matchmaking.


  • ListPool : List<T> pooling with statistics containing information about Get, Returns, last access time and size
  • WaitFor : optimised usage of yield instructions like WaitForSeconds
  • FPSMeter
  • DictionaryFile : similar to PlayerPrefs, can be used to save custom data to the application's data folder. Advantage is that this data can be easily downloaded from the device and modified for debug purposes. In the release environment ciphering is enabled.
  • Signals : static pub/sub mechanism. Mostly used for UI listening gameplay events
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