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Lite Lobby Concepts

Lite Lobby is an application that (literally) extends the Lite Application to offer a listing of currently used rooms. To achieve this, it implements two different types of rooms: the LiteLobbyRoom and a LiteLobbyGame.

By convention, join will put you into a lobby when the given room name ends on "_lobby" and into a game room in all other cases. The operation join got an optional parameter to name a lobby where the game is listed. This puts the responsibility on the client side again and you can create lobbies on the fly.


The lobby rooms (LiteLobbyRoom.cs) are special as they are not used to play a match with opponents. They just provide a list of available rooms (games) instead, so player can choose and join those.

Despite being a room, too, a lobby won't send events on join and leave of actors. As a result, players inside a lobby don't notice each other which prevents a flood of join/leave events. There are no operations aside from leave. As a player leaves rooms when joining another, leave is not even required.

On join, the complete games list is sent once to get a client up to date. After that, each player gets the same update event, which is sent every few seconds. It lists each game by name its current number of players. The clients keep and update their initial list. Games that are empty or full, both simply report 0 players as they should no longer be in the room list.

To send the room list in intervals, the lobby schedules a message for itself, once the list is sent. This enqueues the event sending in the regular message passing mechanism, avoiding threading issues.

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Rooms For Games

In Lite Lobby, regular games can now be connected to a lobby. The lobby of a room is set when gets created. If the lobby does not exist, it will be created as well.

Once a room is connected to a lobby it is responsible to update the lobby with its info. The lobby itself does not mind what's forwarded as info to the clients. By default, each room only sends its actor count and will be "full" when 4 players are in a room.

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LiteLobby Config

To avoid incompatibilities, Lite Lobby uses its application config file to define the event types, update interval and the lobby suffix.

Some values can't be edited this way yet: count of users to make a room "full", event-values and more.

Lite Lobby can be running parallel to Lite but usually a game would use just one of those. The SDKs Photon Config assigns the name Lite Lobby (used by the clients on connect).

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