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Photon Server SDK

The Photon Server SDK enables you to develop your own multiplayer game backend using the Photon socket server. Implement authoritative logic, persistency, cheat prevention or prediction in a central instance between any number of Photon clients.

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See online API documentation.

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Demos Included

The SDK includes several applications including the source code for each. Find them located in the src-server folder within the SDK.

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Counter Publisher

The Counter Publisher collects performance data of your Photon server and lets you display these in a convenient way. Customize and configure the dashboard as you like.

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Lite & Lite Lobby

These two applications implement a room based game-server logic. With Lite Lobby, players can chose which room to join. See underlying concepts and start extending these.

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Create bigger worlds in which a big number of players can seamlessly move and interact starting with this demo. The MMO application implements worlds, regions as parts of the world, items and actors - the latter for players and NPCs. Interest areas are used to manage subscriptions of updates. See the underlying concepts for MMO and start creating your world.

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The load balancing application allows you to run multiple game servers at once to handle more games. Clients connect to a master server to setup or join games. Game servers continuously report their load levels for the master to decide where to create new rooms. This is, basically, what Photon Cloud runs on. Read on to learn the client flows, for code samples and for deploy instructions on load balancing using Photon Server.

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