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Unity Island Demo

The MMO Island Demo is a visually rich 3D demo client that uses the MMO Application. You can either run it many times to get an impression of the interest management done or you can use it cooperatively with the "Win Grid" Client described in its own page.

Before you try to run any of the clients, make sure to start the Photon Server.

Island Setup

The MMO Island Demo is a refactored Island Demo of Unity v2.5. This is a separate download from the Unity Live Demos page.

Our part of the Island client can be found in the Server SDK. Navigate to: \src-server\Mmo\Photon.MmoDemo.Client.UnityIsland. The folders from the must be merged into that folder but don't replace any files. The readme.txt provides help in case of issues.

Open the scene Islands.unity in the assets folder. Unity will upgrade the scene if needed but might fail doing so. If the process crashes, try again! Unity usually recovers after an initial issue. When the editor is open, the compiler might list two errors (open the console view). Double-click to open the source and simply comment out both lines.

After this is done, you can start the scene in the editor and run around the island but you are alone. The Island client does not provide bots or multiple connections.

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More Players

To simulate more players on a single machine, use the WinGrid Demo. It is also in the Server SDK but must be built first.

Open the solution \src-server\Mmo\Photon.Mmo.sln in Visual Studio or Mono Develop. Select the project "Photon.MmoDemo.Client.WinGrid" to build and run it.

A new window shows the height map of the island and you can add bots by pressing the insert key. They should turn up in the Island Demo in Unity on the radar and you can adjust the view-area with the mouse wheel.

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