This document is about: QUANTUM 2

Starting With Dashboard

Available in the Gaming Circle and Industries Circle


You will receive an email from the Tournament Dashboard, from the email address: [email protected] - Make sure to check your junk/spam mail folder. It will look like this:

dashboard email image
The email contains a link for you to click on to validate your account and allow you to choose a password. When you have completed this process, you will be able to log in to the Tournament Dashboard. Bookmark the link and don't forget your password!

Create Game

To set up your game on the platform, click on the icon in the top left hand corner of the screen and select "New game" option:

dashboard new game image
This will step you through the process of creating your **new game** in the Tournament Dashboard.

Step 1 (Info)

Enter the following details, then click the "Continue" button:

Game name

The name of your game as it will be displayed in the Tournament dashboard.

Game icon URL

The URL of your game's icon so it can be displayed in the Tournament dashboard.

Version Number

The version number of your game in the format n.n.n.

dashboard new game image

Step 2 (Seasons)

Unless you know what you're doing at this stage (i.e. you've set up a game in the Tournament Dashboard previously), select "Default" then click the "Continue" button (you can change these settings later):

dashboard new game season image

Step 3 (Confirmation)

Click on the "Create game" button:

dashboard new game summary image
Congratulations, you've successfully created your game in the Tournament Dashboard.

The Tournament Dashboard is navigated using the icons shown in the bar on the left hand side of the screen. As you click on the icons, the content for that icon will be displayed in the main part of the screen - the left side-bar will always be visible.

As you go through the set up process, the system will attempt to help you make sure that you're completing all the relevant steps by:

  • showing indicators for mandatory data

  • showing specific messages at the bottom of the page if:

    • you attempt to save your configuration/set up while there are still tasks that you need to complete
    • you've made a mistake

    See below:

dashboard template errors image

It will also make sure that, if you make changes, you don't forget to save them by showing the below message at the bottom of the screen when you start working:

dashboard unsaved changes image
And by showing the below message if you attempt to navigate away from the screen before trying to save your changes:
dashboard abandon changes image
There is also text on the screens that describes the purpose of each feature so, in a lot of cases, what you're attempting to do will be self-explanatory. This document contains a complete glossary of all of the settings and features in the Tournament Dashboard. You can also call or email our team if you get stuck or need help or advice. Back to top