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What is Tournament-SDK

Tournament SDK is solution for orchestrating real-time tournaments for your game. It provides a Unity plugin that allows your playerbase to interact, enter and compete in tournaments. All within your game client witout a players need to leave the game.

It also allows you to schedule and reccure specific tournaments, hook onto your backed for deducting entry fees and delivering prizes, and much more.

Implementation examples

implementation example image
implementation example image
implementation example image
implementation example image

Solution parts


Web based dashboard allows you to handle all neccesary live-ops tasks around tournaments. Creating tournament templates, scheduling tournaments, analyzing and optimizing tournament performance.

dashboard image

Unity plugin

Easy to use Unity plug-in gives you access to all tournament metadata and neccesary orchestration tools for executing tournaments within your game client. By default it comes with example UI. These can be rebuild or not used at all in favour of custom UX/UI integration.

Code example of loading tournament data:


private IEnumerator LoadCoroutine()
    //load/refresh tournament list
     yield return BackboneManager.Client.LoadTournamentList();
    //get first tournament in the list
    var tournament = BackboneManager.Client.Tournaments.TournamentList[0];
    //load/refresh all tournament data
    yield return BackboneManager.Client.LoadTournament(tournament);
    //access and visualize tournament metadata
      var name = tournament.Name;
    var startTime = tournament.Time;
    var status = tournament.Status;
    var userInvite = tournament.Invite;

Best with Quantum

Quatum makes it easier to achieve best tournament experience for players as good implementaion of tournaments in your game should include:

  • Reconnect - players do not want to lose important matches just because they had unexpected disconnection from game server.
  • Replays - let players rewatch competitive matches so they can analyze where they made a mistake that lead to loss.
  • Spectator - give tournament admins ability to late join any match and spectate allowing to create stream coverages of the most premium tournaments in your game.
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