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SDK & Release Notes



Latest release date: 17.12.2022

Latest version v1.3.1 - Download SDK

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Release date: 1.12.2022

-Added new merging tags for tournament webhooks.
-Added option to submit results from game server.
-Added option to search user by external id in dashboard.
-Added option to create SOLO tournament matches (solo leaderboards).
-Added option to query match data from game server.
-Added option to modify match points from predefined stats.
-Added ability to query tournament data for custom analytics.
-Added new invite option for tournament via private CODE.
-Added various QoL improvements in dashboard.
-Added webGL support.
-Added "public website" with customizable player leaderboards. 

-Fixed issue where phase would get stuck in certain situations.
-Fixed issue where optimized SE bracket would not propagate corret round settings to clients after tournament start.
-Fixed issue when calling game session create while results are being processed.
-Fixed incorrect final placement for 'dynamic brackets'.
-Fixed dashboard user search failing in certain situations.
-Fixed issue when inviting from previous tournaments where no rewards were given.
-Fixed issue when inciting by template would include canceled tournaments.
-Fixed issue caused by negative tiebreaker stats.
-Fixed issue with brackets where checked in user would not be moved forward.
-Fixed issue with brackets where user would not get points for autowin in certain situations.

-Changed sorting order on tournament list.

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Release date: 1.6.2021

-Added new phase type 'Dynamic brackets'.
-Added default UIs for dynamic brackets.
-Added seed value from previous phase to score.
-Added methods to get phase score by party id or user id.
-Added methods to help calculate phase start and finish timestamps.
-Added methods to help calculate round start and finish timestamps.
-Added method to get start and finish deadline of next game in active match.
-Added option to vertically fill groups in round robin phase.
-Added new dashboard tournament detail view with option to search for specific user. Improved performance and usability for BIG tournaments.
-Added option to batch prize delivery into multiple server calls.
-Added merging tag for server callbacks that provide user names on specific placement in tournament (e.g. #TOURNAMENT_PARTY_1_USERNAMES# for 1st placement).
-Added option to accept replay when specific amount of replay submissions are received.
-Added dashboard callback option for discord.

-Fixed warning messages not correctly triggered on default UIs in certain situations.
-Fixed issue where in some rare cases tournament hub could get stuck in WaitingForUserReadyConfirmation state.
-Fixed issue where in some rare cases submitted results did not close match immediately.
-Fixed issue in arena matchmaking where players were not correctly matched based on their intermediate score.
-Fixed issue in arena matchmaking causing autowin streak in certain situations.
-Fixed sponsor name and image fields returning incorrect values.

-Changed 'GetMatchNextGameDeadline'. This method is now obsolete. Use 'GetMatchNextGameStartDeadline' or 'GetMatchNextGameFinishDeadline' instead.
-Changed tournament player count to be recalculated when tournament starts to reflect valid users only.
-Changed seeding for single and double elimination brackets making it more fair.
-Changed tiebreaker resolution in phase/match to use seed value from previous phase.
-Changed dashboard round time settings making it easier to edit and understand.

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SDK download no longer available for v1.2.x. Please update to newer version.

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Release date: 11.11.2020

-Added setting to allow skipping phase if less players sign up.
-Added API for browsing tournament phase score.
-Added party code to be returned with tournament data.
-Added automatic round optimization for SE bracket (skipping rounds in case of less players).
-Added automatic captain flag passing in case of inactivity.
-Added setting for custom phase tiebreaker stats.
-Added game and match point distribution data on round object.
-Added default UI for browsing phase score table.
-Added dashboard time localization.
-Added dahsboard analytics view for total daily unique attendees. 
-Added dashboard tournament filter on schedule tab.

-Fixed late result submission reopening match in certain situations.
-Fixed "create game session" api causing race condition issues under high load.
-Fixed dashboard analytics overview, it no loger shows deleted templates.
-Fixed Playfab integration version setting for cloud scripts. Can be now set to "0" or "Live" to point to latest deployment.
-Fixed generating invalid JSON payload for Playfab if user id contains only numbers.
-Fixed race condition that updated player score to invalid values in certain situations.
-Fixed sign up issue via external providers where last player would be rejected.
-Fixed issue where auto wins and loses would be given earlier than round deadline in some cases.
-Fixed issue where spectators would not refresh match data and not trigger match start in certain situations.
-Fixed issue allowing to create tournament without any phase.
-Fixed issue allowing misconfiguration of tournament time deadlines.

-Changed tournament list default update interval to be less agressive.
-Changed tournament list default window to be +- 3 days.

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Release date: 7.4.2020

-Added API for creating/joing tournament party with sharable code.
-Added default UI scripts to handle parties with sharable code.
-Added support for partially checked in team to start a match.
-Added property 'PartiallyCheckedInTeamCount' on tournament match.
-Added phase timer on default UI screens.

-Fixed misspelled text in default UI spcripts.
-Fixed stack overlow error when calling ReinitializeComponent method.
-Fixed tournament position being incorrectly shown in parties bigger than 1.
-Fixed tournament hub not setting correct state when user is knocked out early.

-Changed property 'CheckedInTeamCount' to 'FullyCheckedInTeamCount' on match.

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Release date: 24.3.2020

-Added get season stats method accepting any platform user id (E.g. PlayFab user id).
-Added API to load specific tournament matches by their ids.
-Added reinitialization method for default UI scripts.
-Added tournament match detail dialog in default UI screens.

-Fixed single elimination bracket being incorrectly rendered with default UI screens.
-Fixed tournament hub not informing correctly about state in certain bracket situations.
-Fixed default UI scripts throwing error when reactivated without reinitialization.
-Fixed testing tournaments being included in template statistics.
-Fixed Playfab prize delivery payload to no longer use arbitrary user id.
-Fixed Playfab store import to fail when some item fields were missing/empty.

-Changed default UI script to no longer show user specific points when no party is set.

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Release date: 12.12.2019

-Added new phase type 'Round robin'.
-Added new phase type 'Double elimination bracket'.
-Added pre-build default UI screens for new formats.
-Added new status to indicate if tournament is in progress.
-Added party invite method accepting any platform user id (E.g. PlayFab user id).
-Added API to browse all past or future tournaments on the client.

-Changed pre-build default UI screen prefabs for easier integration.

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SDK download no longer available for v1.1.x. Please update to newer version.

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Release date: 31.8.2019

-Added pre-build default UI screens.
-Added PlayFab integration.
-Added change nickname option for user.
-Added new tournament type for testing.
-Added API to browse all tournament matches on the client.
-Added 'UserMatches' property in tournament.
-Added 'AllMatches' property in tournament.
-Added decline party invite option for user.
-Added tournament hub match interface for easier hookup to room/lobby API.
-Added property to see match points rewarded for each user after match finished.

-Fixed error when parsing decimal numbers on certain localizations.
-Fixed and improved re-throwing of exceptions in nested AsyncOperation API calls.
-Fixed updating of 'CurrentGameCount' property in tournament match.
-Fixed issue where 'UserActiveMatch' had different object reference.
-Fixed tournament match having not set values of 'WinScore' and 'MaxGameCount' in certain situations. 

-Changed plugin folder structure.

-Removed 'BracketMatches' property in tournament which was replaced with new API for browsing tournament matches that covers this functionality.

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Release date: 17.5.2019

-Added compression option to resource cache.
-Added new tournament hub status 'KickedOutByAdmin'.
-Added interface to inject different file storage APIs for caching (E.g. Nintendo Switch).

-Fixed incorrect serialization of certain tournament data on the client.
-Fixed various small non critical issues.

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Release date: 29.3.2019

-Added optional resource cache script for loading url images for tournamens.
-Added checkin team count in tournament match.
-Added checkin user count in tournament match.
-Added user season profile with tournament statistics.
-Added methods to more easily get stats from game session.
-Added global custom properties for game title.
-Added language setting for user.
-Added Steam login provider.

-Fixed 'GetMatchStartDeadline' returning invalid time in certain cases.
-Fixed exception thrown sometimes during compression and decompression of replays.
-Fixed client not reporting errors during login.
-Fixed icorrect sorting of users in tournament match.

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SDK download no longer available for v1.0.x. Please update to newer version.

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Release date: 16.2.2019

-Added user reporting from the client (E.g. for suspected cheating).
-Added replay submission.
-Added custom game and match point system.
-Added FFA format for phases.
-Added max game count cap for round match.
-Added 'UserPlayedRoundCount' property informing how many rounds user already passed.
-Added 'UserIsParticipating' property for detection if user has moved to next phase.
-Added new tournament hub status 'ResolvingPartiallyFilledMatch'.
-Added idication of silent login on subsequent client initializations.

-Fixed user active match not refreshing after result submission.
-Fixed user not automatically moved to next round after overdue match.
-Fixed tournament data not being sometimes automatically refreshed after finished match.
-Fixed incorrect indication of user being knocked out in certain situations.
-Fixed pre-start check in not being applied.
-Fixed party invite receiving invalid party id.

-Changed accepting tournament party invite, it now requires tournament id parameter.

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Release date: 21.1.2019

-Initial release.

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