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Systems and Components


The main system for controlling gameplay is the GameplaySystem. It is responsible for controlling the gameplay loop (waiting, start, progress, finished), player spawn, AI spawn, calculation of race positions and checkpoint passing.

The Gameplay component triggers RaceStarted and RaceFinished events.

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Vehicle System

The VehicleSystem is in charge of updates to the car physics components - specifically, Vehicle and Steering - as well as checking for vehicle collisions and triggering the VehicleCollision event which results in visual spark effects on the Unity side.

The Vehicle component is responsible for applying physics forces to the car entity and solving wheel ground collisions. The Steering component on the other hand is responsible forthe car rotation based on the steering input.

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The PlayerSystem updates the Player components.

The Player component prepares InputDesires, processes the checkpoint passing, periodically checks an entity’s driving line position (used for AI and race positions) and is holding the player states (HasStarted, Finished). It also handles the vehicle resetting back to the track. The Player component is added directly to the car entity.

When a checkpoint is passed, the Player component triggers the CheckpointPassed, WrongCheckpoint, LapFinished or PlayerFinished event.

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Pickup System

The PickupSystem updates the pickups in the world (Nitro) and is responsible for checking if a player is passing through a pickup.

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