This document is about: QUANTUM 2

Unity Integration

Available in the Gaming Circle and Industries Circle

Gameplay and Testing

  • For local testing, run the game from the Game scene in the editor;
  • For online multiplayer, run the game from the Menu scene.


The StaticColliderManager handles the visual representation of static colliders in Unity. The visual representation of the static collider is defined in its associated ColliderData asset.

A static collider's visibility dependends on its position relative to the local player.


The ExplosionManager handles the visual representation of explosions in unity. Explosions are not an entity, but only an effect shown based on simulation events. Explosions are shown even for predicted events. If the prediction was wrong, the explosion is destroyed; to detect this confirmation and cancellation of the event, the CallbackEventConfirmed and CallbackEventCanceled callbacks are used.

Map Visuals

The Side Scrolling Runner Sample comes with three different visual schemes:

  • Summer;
  • Winter;
  • Autumn.

The static collider’s visual is represented by the StaticColliderRuntimeVisual. It contains several sprite renderers representing different parts of the platform (corners, edgesand center. The edges and center are scaled based on the platform size).

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