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Level Intermediate

The Tower Rush Sample is provided with full source code and demonstrates how Quantum can be used to create a tower rush game.

Technical Info

  • Unity 2021.1.26f1
  • Platforms: PC (Windows 10 / MAC) and Mobile (Android / iOS)

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Technical Features

  • 9 sample units
  • Simple matchmaking
  • UI system and game core basics

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  • Mutliple types of units (e.g.: melee, ranged and spawners)
  • Multiple types of damage (direct single target, aoe)
  • Area of Effects (damage, heal, stats modifiers - attack speed, movement speed)

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3rd Party Assets

The Tower Rush Sample includes several assets provided courtesy of their respective creators. The full packages can be acquired for your own projects at their respective site:

IMPORTANT: To use them in a commercial project, it is required to purchase a license from the respective creators.

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