This document is about: QUANTUM 2

Git Ignore Files


The Quantum 2.1 SDK packages come with a set of .gitignore files that can be used to start a Quantum project repository or to look for inspiration to update / create custom ignore files.

The proposed files are spread over multiple directories and are composed of Quantum specifications and the common .gitignore files from Github templates.

Download the Quantum .gitignore files separately here Photon-Quantum-GitIgnoreTemplate.


  • .gitignore consists of Quantum things, Windows.gitignore and macOS.gitignore
  • quantum_unity\.gitignore consists of Unity.gitignore and Quantum things
  • quantum_code\.gitignore consists of VisualStudio.gitignore, JetBrains.gitignore and Quantum things
  • quantum_unity\Assets\Photon\QuantumDemo\.gitignore hides one specific asset file that should be unique to one workspace

Generated Files

Based on how on the repository is setup and the workflow between developers these files may require editing.

Removing Generated Unity Quantum Dlls From Version Control

This setup fits when everyone in the team (also artists and designers) can compile the visual studio project quantum_code.sln themselves, or the Unity compiles the Quantum dlls.

Open quantum_unity\.gitignore and uncomment the following lines:



Adding DSL Generated C# Code To Version Control

By default the DSL generation runs automatically when building the quantum.code project. This setup allows adding the result to version control.

Open quantum_code\.gitignore and comment the following line:


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