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Quantum 106 - Where to go next


The Quantum 100 series has established a solid foundation of creating a game using Quantum however there is much more to learn about Quantum. This section recommends the next steps to follow in your journey with Quantum.

Quantum Manual

The first pages you should read in the manual are the ones covering the Quantum dsl (Domain Specific Language) and the entity prototypes. These are at the core of programming in the simulation state and design in the view respectively.

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API Sample

The api sample shows all common APIs and how these can be utilized and applied to create gameplay. After reading through this sample, pick one from our Samples section that closest resembles your desired mechanics and functionalities.

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The page on animation in the Manual section presents the two common way to handle animation with Quantum. The most common implementation has been used in the API Sample and can be looked through in the source code of the package.

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API Reference

For convenient lookup an API reference, titled PhotonQuantum-Documentation.chm, is shipped as part of the downloadable SDK packages. It can be found in the top level folder after unpacking the SDK locally.

API Reference
The API Reference found in the Quantum SDK

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