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API Sample

Level Beginner


The API sample is a collection of example implementations and code snippets illustrating the various aspects of Quantum. Most of the snippets presented in the documentation are extract from this sample.

NOTE: This is NOT a game.

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Version Release Date Download
2.1.5 May 11, 2023 Quantum API Sample 2.1.5 Build 217

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Technical Info

  • Requires Unity 2020.3.1f1 LTS or higher.
  • Runs on Windows and Mac.

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Sample Highlights

  • Presents example implementations of all basic Quantum Features.

    • 3D Physics
    • 3D KCC
    • Player Input Polling (Old + New Unity Input System)
    • EntityPrototypes (Scene baked + Code instantiated)
    • BotSDK
    • Simulation polling driven Animation
    • Events
    • Reactive Callbacks for Components
    • System Signals
    • Simple Unity to Quantum asset backing
    • Asset Polymorphism
    • Filters

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3rd Party Assets

The Projectiles Sample includes several assets provided courtesy of their respective creators. The full packages can be acquired for your own projects at their respective site:

IMPORTANT: To use them in a commercial project, it is required to purchase a license from the respective creators.

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