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The Fusion BR sample project includes an integration to run dedicated servers on Multiplay. Multiplay is the hosting service offered by Unity Game Services which is available both for self-service and custom orders.

Photon Engine and Photon Fusion are not associated with Unity, UGS and Multiplay.

Download Multiplay Cookbook

The Unity cookbook on how to set up and run Fusion BR on Multiplay can be downloaded HERE.

Service Fees

Multiplay is a pay-as-you-go service with a free tier. You must sign up for UGS services with a credit card to start using Multiplay. If you exceed the free tier usage allowance, you will be charged. See their Billing FAQ to learn more.


For help with Fusion, please reach out to us via the Photon Community Server or at developer@photonengine.com. For any questions about UGS or Multiplay, please use the Unity Dashboard Support.

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