3rd Party Tutorials

Aside from our own tutorials, there is a lot more to read about networking and multiplayer game development. Below is a short list of third party articles and tutorials that might be of interest.

About Making Multiplayer Games

  • 1500 Archers, architecture, implementation and lessons learned creating the multiplayer code for Age of Empires 1 & 2 games. Old but still relevant!
  • Why You Shouldn't Be Making an MMO, opens your eyes on the actual complexity of MMO game development.
  • The Tech of Planetary Annihilation: ChronoCam gives great insight into an alternative approach to minimizing networked data.
  • IT Hare has some interesting articles about network programming and other game development related topics.
  • This paper by Valve is a good read about different techniques for "Lag Compensation".
  • "Awesome Game Networking": Curated list of resources about gameplay network programming techniques and architectures.
  • Unity - Photon Unity Networking v2: By First Gear Games. The new series is updated for PUN2 and covers more topics than the first version. At the end of the series a game will be made with PUN v2.

Packages and Game Kits

  • PlayMaker is the go-to visual scripting plugin for Unity and supports Photon multiplayer scripting.
  • UFPS Photon Multiplayer is a FPS game kit with multiplayer, based on Photon.
  • PlayFab combined with Photon is everything you could need: User Accounts, Inventory, Storage, Leaderboards and much more!

Unity Tutorials

Networking Technology

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