How to Obtain Your App ID

Step 1: Register a Photon Cloud Account

Simply go to our site and submit your e-mail-address. After signup is completed you will have the "Free Plan", which is an app with a maximum of 20 CCU.

Photon Cloud Screenshot: Signup
Photon Cloud Screenshot: Signup

Already have an account? You can directly proceed to the next step ...

Step 2: Get your Photon Cloud AppId

The Cloud AppId is a generated identifier for your Photon Cloud application. It's used when an application client connects and separates your users from anyone else.

Get it from your application dashboard. You need to click on the AppID value to unhide it and select it.

Photon Cloud Screenshot: Application List ApplicationID
Photon Cloud Screenshot: Application List ApplicationID

Step 3: Paste your App ID in your game code

Once you have your own Cloud AppId, you can use it to connect to Photon Cloud and your application. If you haven't download the SDK for your target platform/s and check the provided samples to start with.

Step 4: Develop great stuff ;)

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