Known Issues

On this page, we will list known issues with Photon on the various platforms. The focus here is on issues which we can't fix or workaround. In some cases, this means we will simply list broken versions per platform and guide you to other versions.


Running In Background

On mobile platforms, if the app moves to background it pauses the main message loop which is responsible for keeping the client connected among other things.

Typical causes of this are:

  • Player hits "home button".
  • Phone call received.
  • Video ads.
  • Third party plugin that introduces an overlay view in the app (e.g. Facebook, Google, etc.).

On iOS, applications can not keep a connection, while in background (see Background Execution on the Apple dev pages). It might make sense to Disconnect the client, when the app switches to the background.

On WebGL, it might also make sense to set a PlayerTTL and reconnect to the session when the tab is back in focus. Often, browsers will not run JS and WebAssembly in the background. In some cases, this can be worked aorund by playing audio (even inaudible one) while in the background.

If the app is paused for longer than the client disconnect timeout (10 seconds by default) the client will be disconnected and you need to reconnect as soon as the app is "unpaused". A "timeout disconnect" callback will be triggered only after the app back from being in the background.

If the game design enables a player to return after several seconds or minutes, then you could also reconnect and rejoin the game again. If you want to rejoin the same room with same actor number when the app is unpaused you need to take few things into consideration:

  • PlayerTTL: the room needs to be created with a PlayerTTL value high enough that permits a player to return after a while.
  • EmptyRoomTTL: the room needs to be created with an EmptyRoomTTL value high enough to keep the room alive for a while when the last joined player's app is in the background.

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