This document is about: VOICE 2

Voice For Fusion Samples


There are 2 demos included in the Photon Voice 2 package that present the basics of integration Photon Voice into Photon Fusion project. To run them, please import Photon Voice 2 package into a Fusion project and setup correct AppIds (for details see Voice for Fusion ).


Shows the simplest interaction between Fusion and Voice 2. It only uses the FusionVoiceNetwork attached to the object with Fusion NetworkRunner to ensure the Voice client connection state is following the Fusion connection state. This object is instantiated by NetworkDebugStart script attached to one of the scene objects. Speaker is created by FusionVoiceNetwork using the speaker prefab, so it is not bound to the "player" object instantiated by Fusion.


Shows the simplest yet complete use of Voice 2 with Fusion. There is a NetworkObject prefab that contains Fusion NetworkObject and Voice VoiceNetworkObject components and also an object with Voice Speaker component. PrefabSpawner component applied to the Runner object, listens to OnPlayerJoined and OnConnectedToServer events (OnPlayerLeft and OnDisconnectedFromServer respectively) and spawns or despawns NetworkObject prefab instance. Fusion makes sure that a remote copy of this instance is instantiated on all other clients. VoiceNetworkObject component attached to the remote copy finds the correct incoming stream and plays it via the Speaker.

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