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We, the Photon Team ( sometimes referred to as Photonians :), are dedicated to help you. If you've got questions, curiosities, ... or your app doesn't work but you really wish it would, try any of these:

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For quick turnarounds please include, together with reproducible steps:

  • Photon Client SDK version
    • This is part of the SDK zip file name.
    • In case of PUN send us the value of: PhotonNetwork.versionPun.
  • Photon Cloud
    • Drop us the AppId and the Game Version which is set via Connect*() call.
    • If you have trouble with some room, send us the RoomName and the Server Address of it. In C#, log client.CurrentServerAddress while in the room
    • Let us know the Region and the Server Address.
  • Photon Server
    • Hosting a Server? Let us know the Server SDK Version. Again, this is part of the SDK zip file name.
    • Add your logs.

Get in Touch

We'd love to know what you want to read and see in our docs, whether that is more demos, specific documentation, an FAQ or example applications. If there's something you'd like to see that's not already in drop us your suggestion to

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