Crossplatform mixed reality

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This sample demonstrates how to prepare an application allowing both Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest's users to share a multiplayer session.

Apple Vision Pro users can use an immersive space, similar to the Meta Quest's user experience, or see the scene from a bounded volume, to have an overview of all the users from above.

The use case allows users to build little building with small blocks, coming from Kenney's modular buidling asset.

Users can find these blocks in a menu that appears when they look at their hand.

demo screenshot 1

The blocks are magnetics on the top and side, so that they stick to each other. The detected horizontal planes (tables, ...) in the real room of the user are magnetic too, allowing to place the building blocks on them.

demo screenshot 2

For Apple Vision Pro user, the menu allows them to go to a bounded volume mode, to see the room from above in a bounded volume, that can coexist with other apps in visionOS shared space.


This sample is compatible with both Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest headset devices.

The visionOS helpers tools provided in the sample ensure that the proper adaptations are done on visionOS, such as support for indirect pinch.

Mixed reality

This sample is focused on mixed reality, with passthrough and plane detection.

The local user surfaces are detected, and they can place the building blocks on it. Note that the detected surface are not synchronized, they are only visible for the user having detected them.

Note for Meta Quest: Currently, the user has to do a Room setup in the Quest operating system's settings first, for real life planes to be detected.

visionOS capabilities support

Objects can be grabbed with a direct pinch on all platforms, or with indirect pinch on visionOS.

On visionOS, the user can switch from bounded volume to unbounded volume while the app is launched. The body parts renderer will vanish for other users while in bounded volume mode.

demo screenshot 3

Technical Info

  • This sample uses the Shared Mode topology,
  • The project has been developed with Unity 2022.3, Fusion 2, Photon Voice 2.54, Polyspatial 1.0.3

Before you start

To run the sample :

  • Create a Fusion AppId in the PhotonEngine Dashboard and paste it into the App Id Fusion field in Real Time Settings (reachable from the Fusion menu).

  • Create a Voice AppId in the PhotonEngine Dashboard and paste it into the App Id Voice field in Real Time Settings

  • Then load the MainScene scene and press Play


Version Release Date Download
2.0.0 May 14, 2024 Fusion Cross Platform Mixed Reality 2.0.0 Build 542

Folder Structure

The main folder /CrossPlatformMR contains all elements specific to this sample.

The /Photon folder contains the Fusion and Photon Voice SDK.

The /Photon/FusionAddons folder contains the XR Addons used in this sample.

The /XR folder contains configuration files for virtual reality.

Used Fusion XR addons

We provide for free some reusable addons to speed up 3D/XR application prototyping. Here are the addons we've used in this sample.


visionOS Helpers

The visionOS helpers addon addresses some specificities of the visionOS platform.

It makes the indirect pinch compatible with XRShare grabbing, provides tools to synchronize the bounded/unbounded Polyspatial's state, and also offers some cross-platform tools, like a LineRenderer replacement or helpers to mimic visionOS windows behavior in Unity.

XRHands synchronization

The XRHands synchronization addon shows how to synchronize the hand state of XR Hands's hands (including finger tracking), with high data compression.

It also provides some helpers classes to detect gestures (pinching, grabbing, ...)

Voice helpers

The Voice Helpers addon provides some components to help set up Photon Voice for a Fusion XR project.


The XR shared offers the core of the rig parts sycnhronization logic, as well as basic interaction capabilities such as grabbing.


The ConnectionManager addon manages the connection launch and spawns the user representation.

See ConnectionManager Addons for more details.


This addon allows to switch between the various rigs required in this sample. Indeed, 3 configurations are included in this sample :

  • VR rig for Meta build,
  • AVP Unbounded mode for the apple vision Pro build (when starting in unbounded mode - the default one),
  • AVP bounded mode for the apple vision Pro build (when starting in bounded mode - suggested as an alternative),

See Extended Rig Selection Industries Addons for more details.


The Magnets addon shows a simply way to attract an object to other ones when ungrabbed.

Third party components

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