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Voice Helpers

Fusion XR prototyping addons

This module provides some components to help set up Photon Voice for a Fusion XR project.

The detailed way to integrate Photon Voice into a Fusion project is detailed in the Voice - Fusion Integration page, and this addon mostly streamline the process.

Voice setup


The FusionVoiceSetup component can be placed on a game object having a NetworkRunner component. It will automatically add a FusionVoiceClient component, and if no Recorder is provided, it will create one and configure it in the most appropriate way.

As the addon targets VR platforms, where microphone access should often be requested, the script also adds a MicrophonePermission component to the recorder if needed.

The addon also include a sample Runner prefab with everything configured.


The addon includes a NetworkHeadsetVoice, that can be directly added under the game object holding the NetworkHeadset component. In addition to handling Photon Voice connection, this game object has an AudioSource properly configured to make sure that the user voice will be spatialized.

A sample NetworkRigWithVoice prefab is a ready to use player prefab network rig with voice included on its headset.


A demo scene can be found in Assets\Photon\FusionAddons\VoiceHelpers\Demo\Scenes\ folder. It includes a very simple lip synchronization script, SimpleLipsync, that determine the user voice level, and displays renderers accordingly (either a muted renderer, mutedRender, or a random renderer among the list speakingRenderers when the voice level is high enough).

lipsync demo


  • XRShared addon
  • XR Core (for helper scripts)


This addon latest version is included into the Industries addon project

It is also included into the free XR addon project

Supported topologies

  • shared mode


  • Version 2.0.1: Add define checks (to handle when Fusion not yet installed)
  • Version 2.0.0: First release
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