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Interest Management

The MMO demo is discontinued and we don't offer support for it anymore. The current documentation and the sample provided in the SDK are left temporarily and will be removed in the next update. For MMO we recommend following examples of Das Tal or Albion Online.

An object, that moves through a virtual world, generates position update events. To display a fluid movement on other clients a minimum of about 10 events per second is required. Clients, which are connected to a world with hundreds or thousands other players, can neither receive nor process all these events due to the limit of resources. Managing the interest is the key to success: each client should only get what he needs (what he sees).

A common solution is region-based interest management: The world is divided into multiple regions and clients receive the events that originate from regions within their view distance only.

photon server: mmo interest management
Photon Server: MMO Interest Management
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