This document is about: VOICE 1

Photon Voice 1 is the original and first major version of Photon Voice. It is now replaced by Photon Voice 2 which is refactored and enhanced. We highly recommend starting new projects with Photon Voice 2 and if possible migrating existing ones from Photon Voice 1 to Photon Voice 2. Photon Voice will be maintained for the coming months. We will fix important bugs and support new Unity versions but new features will be added only to Photon Voice 2.

Photon Application Analytics

The Photon Cloud records a set of analytics counters per application to help measure success and identify potential problems.

To access the counters, open the Photon Dashboard and click on the Analyze button for a given app.


Initially, the analytics page opens with a single counter: CCU, showing the data for "All Regions" in the past week.

initial look of the analytics page.

Clicking below Counters, Regions or Timespan will reveal more options to customize the view. Changing the selection refreshes the view and stores it in your browser.

The Regions category only includes regions which had some user activity, so some regions might not show up even if they are available to your users.

The "All Regions" counter wraps up all regional counters, even if they are not shown individually.

Independent of the regional timezones, all values use UTC timestamps.

Within the loaded timespan, you can zoom into the data per graph: Click and drag with the mouse, doubleclick to reset.

several counters, one zoomed in.

To get an overview of billable values (CCUs, Traffic, etc.) make sure to include "All Regions" and select a month as timespan.

Free apps are restricted to the 24 hours timespan and the "All Regions" graphs.

Available Application Counters


App users connected at a given moment (includes users in matchmaking and rooms).

CCU Peaks

Peak CCU for the given timespan.

Select a “monthly” view and include the "All Regions" counter to estimate billable use.


Rooms in use at a given moment.

CCU per Room

Approximated by dividing the CCU by the rooms in use.

Msg/s per Room

Approximated by dividing the sum of messages/s by the rooms in use (both counted by game servers).


Sum of the bytes/s reported by game servers.

Bandwidth/s per Peer

Approximated by dividing bandwidth/s by the CCU.


Accumulated traffic for the loaded timespan.

Select a “monthly” view and include the "All Regions" counter to estimate billable use.

Disconnects/s per Peer

Approximated by dividing the disconnects/sec counter by the CCU.

About the Data

"All Regions"

When you choose "all regions" from the regions select, a new graph will show in addition to the other regions selected.

For the application counters "Msg/s per Room", "Bandwidth/s per Peer" and "CCU per Room" it shows as the respective average for your app across all available regions.

Other charts render "all regions" as the topmost graph represeting the sum of the values of the same counter for all available regions.

"Bandwidth" vs. "Traffic"

Intentionally, we differ between the traffic (referred to as the amount of bytes consumed by your application in the queried timespan or "volume of the pipeline") and the bandwidth (referred to as bytes per second your app is using or "the pipeline's diameter").

Custom Analytics

As your audience grows you might want to take a different look at your game data.

Our Counter API is available with Premium and Enterprise plans and enables you to fetch the application counters from remote. Aside from the data available in our Dashboard, there are several other counters you could access this way.

If you are interested in using the Counter API, please mail us to [email protected].

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