Port Numbers

Photon Cloud

In most cases you don't have to think about port numbers, as the client SDKs use a default port to reach the Photon Cloud Name Servers.

Every time a Photon server forwards a client to another server, the assigned address includes the port. This means that the port number of the Name Server is the most important one as this is not fetched.

Port numbers are specific per transport protocol and often per server type. For reference, the table below lists commonly used ports for Photon. These are available on the Photon Cloud.

Default Ports by Protocol and Purpose

Port Number Protocol Purpose
5058 or 27000 UDP Client to Nameserver (UDP)
5057 UDP Client to Frontend (UDP)
4533 TCP Client to Nameserver (TCP)
4532 TCP Client to Frontend (TCP)
9093 TCP Client to Nameserver (WebSockets)
9092 TCP Client to Frontend (WebSockets)
19093 TCP Client to Nameserver (Secure WebSockets)
19092 TCP Client to Frontend (Secure WebSockets)
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