Features Overview

Photon Chat is the fast and easy way to exchange messages between users in your application or game. While it's built around a simple publisher-subscriber system, it allows for far more than just that.

Photon Chat Core Features

Public Channels

Photon Chat allows an unlimited number of channels with an unlimited number of users. Each channel can have its own 'topic' that users can choose to subscribe to and later unsubscribe from.

Private Messages

You can send direct messages to users without the need to worry about channels. The messsages can be encrypted and reliably transmitted.

Messages History

Photon Chat provides a message buffer per chat channel which is handy to replay the last messages, e.g. for a freshly joined chat user.

Smart Messages

You can send any type of data in a chat message as long as Photon can serialize it - not only text strings. This opens up tons of possiblities with Photon Chat whether you use it standalone or combine it with the other Photon solutions.

Friends & Presence System

With Photon Chat you can have a list of friends and get status updates from them whenever they are online, playing or looking for a game. You can also share your status with others and send a message to everyone who have you in their friends list. Read more here.

Extending Features

Bad Word Filter

Photon Chat offers multi-lingual realtime chat filtering thanks to the integration with Community Sift. It is also easy to enable and configure for your application. Read more here.


Integrate Photon Chat easily with your backend using HTTP webhooks. You can persist channel history, filter or alter messages, cancel channel creation and even prohibit certain players from subscribing to chat channels. Read more here.

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