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4.x to 5.0 Upgrade Guide

Overview Of Major Changes

Migrating or updating to v5 from v4 should be painless and easy. If you did not have a license before and were using the server using the 20 free CCU bootstrap license, you need to get one license now to be able to use the new server version. Other than that, some configuration changes need to be reviewed:

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Plugins Configuration

Move plugins configuration from "deploy\LoadBalancing\GameServer\bin\Photon.LoadBalancing.dll.config" to "deploy\LoadBalancing\GameServer\bin\plugin.config".

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  • Remove Application nodes' obsolete attributes:

    • RestartDelayMilliseconds
    • WatchFiles
    • ExcludeFiles
  • Remove Application nodes' obsolete attributes (or at least set to false):

    • EnableShadowCopy
    • EnableAutoRestart
    • ForceAutoRestart
  • Remove TCPListener's obsolete attributes:

    • MaxQueuedBuffers
    • MaxPendingWrites
  • Replace "UnhandledExceptionPolicy" value "ReloadDomain" with "Ignore" or "TerminateProcess".

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Secure Listeners Setup

Since we have moved from Secure Channel (SChannel) to OpenSSL, certificate format and configuration for secure listeners have changed.

  • Remove the WebSocketSecure listener's obsolete attributes:
    • StoreName
    • UseMachineStore
    • CertificateName

Replace with the new settings for certificates setup. You can find those listed under TCPListeners and they are used in other listeners that extend TCPListener in the same way.

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License Updates And Upgrades

When upgrading to a new major version of the Photon SDK or when using an older SDK version with a newly purchased license file, you should make sure ahead of time before going into production, that your Photon SDK runs with that license.

The easiest way to do this is to put the license file in question into the Photon SDK folder you plan to use and start Photon via the Photon Control application. You should then check the license information shown in the tray app and additionally check the logs for licensing errors.

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