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NameServer Application

NameServer is useful to configure your different deployed regions or clusters. So load balancing is done at another level.


By default, Photon NameServer can be configured using "deploy\Nameserver.json" file. The file can be changed in 'NameServerConfig' setting in "deploy\NameServer\bin\NameServer.xml.config". In this file, simply add 'nodes' where each node should represent a working MasterServer application.

  "Nodes": [
    // -----------------Realtime Public EU---------------------------------------
      "Region": "EU",
      "IpAddress": "",
      "IpAddressIPv6": "::1",
      "Hostname": "localhost"

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Custom Authentication

Custom authentication on the NameServer has two out-of-the-box providers: Facebook and Steam. Custom authentication for the NameServer can be configured using "deploy\NameServer\bin\NameServer.xml.config".

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