VIVE Intro

Developing for VIVE is straightforward and in general you can follow the docs of the used Photon product (PUN, Realtime, Bolt & Voice). A few notable exceptions and additional guides are highlighted below.

VR Shooting Range Demo

The VR Shooting Range Demo is a minimal but fully working example for a multiplayer game in virtual reality. This demo is using PUN to synchronize hand positions to aim a rifle and shoot at balloons as targets. It also synchronizes the score to show a leaderboard.

It's a free download in the Asset Store, so give it a try.


VIVEPORT is the app store for virtual reality content and experiences. It's available in 61 markets and compatible with a range of devices from HTC, other SteamVR devices, as well as devices from partner companies based on the WAVE runtime for all-in-one VR headsets.

With the VIVEPORT SDK, the launched content can check the user's profile and license, implement In App Purchases (IAP), Dowloadable Content (DLC), Stats and Achievements, Leaderboards and more.

VIVEPORT Authentication

Photon supports the authentication of users via the VIVEPORT APIs. This makes sure only verified users can access the online aspects of your game.

Setup and usage of the VIVEPORT Authentication is described in each Photon product's "Authentication" section. For example: VIVEPORT Authentication in PUN.

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