Facebook Authentication



In this tutorial we will create a Photon Unity Networking (PUN) project with Facebook custom authentication.


Facebook Application Setup

First, we need to create a Facebook application.

  • Go to Facebook Developers website.
  • Click Apps -> Create a New App , enter the name of your app and press Create App button.
  • Choose Apps -> [your_app] and copy App ID and App Secret


Photon Dashboard Setup

  • Open Photon Dashboard.
  • Select the App Id that will be used and click See Details.
  • Navigate to Authentication tab and uncheck Allow anonymous clients to connect, independently of configured providers.
  • Select Facebook authentication provider and paste App ID and Secret.
  • Check Reject all clients if not available.


PUN Setup



Create a new MonoBehaviour, attach it to an object on scene and then open. Use the following code for Facebook initialization and login:

To use Facebook Authentication in PUN, add:

The PUN callbacks for success and error that you can implement are:


In this tutorial we covered the basic steps required for integration of Facebook API with PUN.
Still have some questions? You are extremely welcome to ask it on forum. Happy coding!

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