Magic Leap Intro

Developing for Magic Leap One is straightforward and in general you can follow the docs of the used Photon product (PUN, Realtime, Bolt & Voice).

Easy to use interactivity and natively supported Voice over IP will make user communication seamless.

Photon Voice 2 projects require an addon to export to the Lumin OS platform (see below). Aside from this, follow the general documentation of Photon Voice and PUN to build your apps.

Magic Leap Addon for Photon Voice 2

The Magic Leap platform support for Photon Voice 2 comes in form of an addon package in our download page. It is a free download for Industries Circle members.

After you downloaded Photon Voice 2 from the Asset Store and added it to a project, copy and paste the files from the addon into your Assets folder. Make sure the files and folders line up with existing Photon\PhotonVoice folders and you are done.

The minimal sample UI enables you to test the connection and microphone setting right on device.

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