Fusion XR Addons Overview

Fusion XR prototyping Add-ons

XR Addons

The XR addons are a collection of helpers to quickly bootstrap an XR prototype application, for most of them in Fusion shared topology.

Each addon is documented in a dedicated page, and they can all be downloaded together in the archive in the download section below.

Industries Add-ons

To go even further, we provide to our Circle members a list of advanced reusable addons to speed up 3D/XR application prototyping.


Version Release Date Download
2.0.0 Apr 18, 2024 Fusion XR Addons 2.0.0 Build 495

Folder Structure

The /Photon folder contains the Fusion and Photon Voice SDK.

The /Photon/FusionAddons folder contains all addons. There is one subfolder per addon.

The /XR folder contains configuration files for virtual reality.

The /GraphicSettings folder contains graphics configuration files (for lighting, URP, PostProcess, etc.).


Some addons require others to be installed to work.

Those dependancies are specified on each addon page.

Note that most addons relies on the XR shared one, defining the basics of rig parts synchronization.

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