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Blocking contact

Fusion Industries prototyping Addons

This module extends the hardware grabbing system available in the VRShared sample, to allow surfaces to block some objects with a tip (pen ,...) while also blocking the hand grabbing it.

Contact Logic

A BlockableTip component contains a tip, a child transform, expected to be in the interpolation target hierarchy (as it is a visible object), determining the actual tip (the blocking "point") of the object position.

The BlockableTip component detects trigger contact with objects having their layer in the blockingLayers mask, and having an BlockingSurface component.

From there, the actual contact with the surface is confirmed in IsInContact by the local coordinates of the tip in the detected surface referential:

  • the BlockingSurface's positiveProximityThresholds and negativeProximityThresholds determine when the contact is effective.
  • x and y value define the size of the surface, while the z value defines accepted depth of contact (the blocking effect will be along the z axis of the surface).
  • the BlockingSurface max depth determines at which z depth the tip (and grabbing hand) should be blocked

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Tip And Hand Blocking

The blocking itself happens in the FixContactPosition() method: the component defines the target z position of the tip, so that the depth constraint is respected.

Then, it determines the actual BlockableTip gameObject position so that the tip finally reaches this target position.

And finally, the hand is moved so that the grabbing initial position is respected.

Note that moves computation differs between Render() and FixedUpdateNetwork() timing:

  • during Render(), the interpolation target is moved. The computation is relatively straightforward as the tip is part of the interpolation target.
  • during FixedupdateNetwork(), the actual object is moved (if the option changeActualPosition is set to true), so the actual position of the tip in the object hierarchy has to be found first.

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A demo scene can be found in Assets\Photon\FusionAddons\BlockingContact\Demo\Scenes\ folder.

The scene contains a surface with a BlockingSurface component and a grabbable pen with a BlockableTip. Please note that the pen is deliberately not functional in this demo scene.

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This addon latest version is included into the addon project

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Supported Topologies

  • shared mode
  • host mode

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  • Version 1.0.2: Fix because of feedback namespace modification
  • Version 1.0.1: Add demo scene + add verification in BlockingContact to avoid error if feedback is not defined + add namespace
  • Version 1.0.0: First release

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