This document is about: FUSION 2


Level 4

Photon Fusion excels in transmitting relevant game data to players and provides base API for Area of Interest. The Interest Management addon pushes it further and provides additional tools to control interest from player and world objects perspective.

This addon is compatible only with Client/Server architecture, Shared mode is not supported.
interest management


Following list contains main features provided by Interest Management addon:

  • Editor based workflow with Gizmo preview.
  • Three basic interest shapes - Sphere, Box, Cone.
  • Support for custom interest shapes.
  • Interest control from player and world object perspective.
  • Intelligent tracking of interest providers - duration based, automatic unregistration on despawn.
  • Spectator supported out of the box.

⚠️ It is recommended to start by exploring Sample Project which includes step-by-step explanations and several gameplay oriented examples.

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