This document is about: FUSION 2

Known Problems

Ghost collisions

Status: ✅ Resolved

Sometimes the KCC stucks when colliding with MeshCollider with Convex option enabled, even on flat surface. This is caused by incorrect penetration vector and is fixed in Unity 2023.2. Link to Unity Issue Tracker.

There are 2 possible solutions:

  1. Disable Convex toggle on the MeshCollider. Optionally create a separate mesh collider which will be used instead of the original mesh.
  2. Enable Suppress Convex Mesh Colliders in KCC Settings, this will automatically use the non-convex shape for collisions at runtime.

Terrain trees

Status: ✅ Resolved in KCC 2.0.11

By default UnityEngine.Physics.ComputePenetration() returns incorrect penetration vector for TerrainCollider when the KCC overlaps trees, completely ignoring them. The KCC addon has TerrainTreeProcessor which resolves collisions with terrain tree colliders by running extra capsule-cast after move step.

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