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Multi Climb Tutorial

Level 4


The Multi Climb sample is a first-person parkour racing game which demonstrates how to make use of client prediction, lag compensation, the Simple & Advanced KCCs and more in a server authoritative context.

You can either download the completed project and poke around, or you can download the starter project and follow along with the video tutorial series as we build the whole thing. Downloads are also available for the state of the project at the end of each video.

The goal of the game is simple: be the first to reach the top of the course. You have various tools at your disposal to accomplish this, including a grappling hook, double jumping and a short glide ability to catch you if you fall. You can also slow your opponents down by briefly disabling platforms beneath their feet, by temporarily immobilizing them or by giving them a good shove to throw them off!


Starter Project

Version Release Date Download
2.0.0 May 10, 2024 Fusion Multi Climb Starter Project 2.0.0 Build 538

Tutorial #1

In this first video, we go over the process of getting a Fusion app ID and then—using the starter project as a base—we set up a connection, spawn players and implement basic player movement. By the end you'll be able to join a friend's lobby and see each other moving around!

Download - Part 1

Version Release Date Download
2.0.0 May 10, 2024 Fusion Multi Climb Video One 2.0.0 Build 539

Tutorial #2

In the second video we set up a proper game loop that includes determining the winner, starting and restarting the game when all players are ready, and displaying players' progress on a leaderboard. We also fix some jitter and input delay related to the player rotation.

Download - Part 2

Version Release Date Download
2.0.0 May 10, 2024 Fusion Multi Climb Video Two 2.0.0 Build 540

Tutorial #3

In the third video we switch from the Simple KCC to the Advanced KCC and use its additional customizability to implement three new movement abilities: double jumping, grappling and gliding. We also add jump pads and extend the course to make the level bigger.

Download - Part 3

Version Release Date Download
2.0.0 May 28, 2024 Fusion Multi Climb Video Three 2.0.0 Build 558

Tutorial #4

Coming soon!

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