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Industries Addons Overview

Available in the Industries Circle
Fusion Industries prototyping Addons

Industries Addons

We provide to our Circle members a list of reusable addons to speed up 3D/XR application prototyping.


Version Release Date Download
2.0.0 May 31, 2024 Fusion Industries Addons 2.0.0 Build 562

Folder Structure

The /Photon folder contains the Fusion and Photon Voice SDK.

The /Photon/FusionXRShared folder contains the rig and grabbing logic coming from the VR shared sample, creating a FusionXRShared light SDK that can be shared with other projects.

The /Photon/FusionAddons folder contains all addons. There is one subfolder per addon.

The /Plugins folder contains the Ready Player Me SDK

The /XR folder contains configuration files for virtual reality.

The /GraphicSettings folder contains grahics configuration files (for lighting, URP, PostProcess, etc.).

Dependencies overview

Some add-ons require others to be installed to work.

Here is an overview of those dependencies:

fusion industries addon dependencies
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