Asteroids Simple

Level Advanced


The Fusion Asteroids sample is a remake of the original PUN Asteroids demo in with Unity 2021.3 for PC (Windows).

This sample showcases how to recreate the asteroids demo with Fusion using the most simple approach possible. Therefore the approach presented in this sample includes "good" development practices but forgoes "best" practices for sake of simplicity.

The Fusion Asteroids sample comes in two variants:

  • Asteroids Host Mode Simple; and,
  • Asteroids Shared Mode Simple.

Each version uses the mode included in its name.

IMPORTANT: The code in these versions is NOT interchangeable!

This is a total novice sample and the logical next step in the learning Fusion after completing the fusion 100 series; if this has not been done yet, please review the fusion 100 series before diving into the Fusion Asteroids sample.

It is strongly recommend to acquire a complete understanding of this sample before moving on to any of the beginner examples.

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Before You Start

To run the sample, first create a Fusion AppId in the PhotonEngine Dashboard and paste it into the App Id Fusion field in Real Time Settings (reachable from the Fusion menu). Then load the Launch scene and press Play.

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Download - Host Mode Simple

Version Release Date Download
1.1.2 Oct 21, 2022 Fusion Asteroids Host Simple 1.1.2 Build 12

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Download - Shared Mode Simple

Version Release Date Download
1.1.3 Oct 21, 2022 Fusion Asteroids Shared Simple 1.1.3 Build 3

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