Upgrading Bolt

This is the step-by-step process of upgrading Bolt:

Upgrading to Bolt or newer

  1. Ensure your project has a backup and/or is in a source control system (Git, SVN, Hg);
  2. Delete Assets/bolt and any other Bolt related files:
    1. Assets/Photon;
    2. Assets/bolt_samples;
    3. Assets/Plugins/;
  3. Download latest Bolt package from Asset Store;
  4. If the Wizard window did not show up, open it at: Bolt/Wizard menu;
  5. Follow the steps on the Wizard:
    1. Configure your Photon Cloud credentials;
    2. Install all desired packages. You must install at least the Core package;
    3. Any doubt, talk with us on our Discord Community.
  6. Quit Unity;
  7. Restore the following files:
    1. Assets/bolt/project.bytes or Assets/bolt/project.xml, if you are updating from Bolt v1.2.5 or older;
      1. In this case you should also delete the Assets/bolt/project.json file, so your Assets could be converted to the JSON format.
    2. Assets/bolt/project.json, if you are updating from Bolt v1.2.7 or newer;
    3. Assets/bolt/assemblies/bolt.user.dll;
    4. Assets/bolt/resources/BoltRuntimeSettings.asset;
  8. Open Unity and compile Bolt:
    1. Run the compilation at Bolt/Compile Assembly menu.
    2. Open the Bolt Assets window (Bolt/Assets menu), you should have all your assets as expected. If it's true, you can remove/delete the old project files (Assets/bolt/project.bytes or Assets/bolt/project.xml).
  9. You are ready to use Bolt.

Migrating Bolt Assets

Bolt saves all of its objects, states, commands and events in the Assets/bolt/project.json file. It's just a JSON file that defines all information from the assets. You can read it but we highly discourage that you modify this file directly, the modification can break the deserialization process.

To migrate to a new project, simply copy this file to the same location in the new project. This is also useful if you need to share Bolt data with other team members.

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